Group shoot


An Overview

Do you like having fun?  Do you want to become friends with people from other studios/gyms and create unforgettable memories?  Do you want top quality professional photos?  If you answered "Yes" to all of these, you are in the right place!

I am choosing a group of individuals to represent my Star One Photography brand.  Who am I looking for?  Someone who is passionate about dance/gymnastics/cheer.  Someone who is kind and supportive of others.  Individuals who have a strong social media presence will be favored, however, this is NOT just about the number of's also about the content.  My ambassador family is just that to  I will invest a lot of time into this program and its members.

The Perks 

Benefits of being a Star One Photography Ambassador include...

  • A full-length private/solo photo session
  • A studio session 
  • Opportunities for additional group and individual sessions throughout the year (free!)
  • Travel/destination sessions.  Locations being considered include Florida, Michigan, St. Louis, Chicago, Nashville, and wherever you suggest
  • Discounts and priority scheduling for additional sessions from me, including the "Glow-in-the-Dark Neon"
  • Star One Ambassador merchandise! (TBA later)
  • Discounts with local Cincinnati merchants! (15% off ALL items at Vera Nova Mason and 20% off at Northern Kentucky Dancerwear (excludes pointe shoes)


The Requirements

1.  The application process:  Start on Instagram and follow all steps listed on the image titled "Star One Ambassador Search" posted on June ??.  Next, submit your name, email address and Instagram below.  A link to the official application will be sent to that email address.  Fill out the application with a parent.  The application process is free.  Not everyone who applies will be selected.  If selected, the program fee is $250.  Payment is not due until after the team has been announced and a private/solo photo session has been scheduled (starting in July).

2.  Duties during the ambassadors term are simple.  Most important is to have fun and enjoy an extended family of new "teammates!"  Ambassadors can only serve as an ambassador for a single photographer, but may still book sessions with other photographers.  They can also serve as ambassadors for any non-photography business.

3.  Add a working link in the Bio section of the primary dance account for the ambassador.  For photos taken by me that you choose to share, please tag my Star One Photography dance account.


That's it!  Ambassadors are NOT required to post a certain number of times per week/month, and there will not be any pressure to be a salesman for me.


Questions & Answers

Q1.  Does it cost anything to be on the team?
A1.  Yes.  The program fee is $250.  This is the same amount as the public would pay to book a full-length session with me.  But in return, you will be receiving MUCH more.   This cost helps to cover expenses such as renting studio time and branded merchandise.  Applying is free, and there is no commitment when submitting your info below.  Payment(s) are due only after the team is announced and a solo photo session has been scheduled, or pay half then, half later.

Q2.  How many photo sessions will I get?
A2.  Each ambassador will have a minimum of 2 private/solo photo sessions.  Plus, there will be invites to group sessions and other concept sessions throughout the year.  Concept sessions tend to be spur-of-the-moment sessions (examples include me asking who is available to shoot a "Denim and Pointe Shoes session," or me asking who is available for a sunset session and taking the first person who can commit.

Q3.  Can someone apply if they haven't worked with you yet?
A3.  Yes, anyone can apply!  I am always looking for individuals at studios/gyms where I do not have ambassadors yet, and I do NOT have a limit on the number of dancers who can be an ambassador from the same studio/gym.

Q4.  Are your ambassadors allowed to shoot with other photographers?
A4.  Yes.  The purpose of this team is to benefit BOTH of us.  It is not just about promoting me.  If I said "You can only shoot with me," that might prevent you from other opportunities, and I do not want that to happen.

Q5.  How long is the term length of an ambassador?
A5.  The exact time length has not been set, but plan for approximately one year (it will NOT be less).

If you have more questions or would like additional information, please let me know through the Contact page.  Thank you!